05 February 2009

Long time no post...

There must be a phrase, meme, jargon, something that can truly express your level of connectedness to the digital social network. Maybe some unit of measurement of your onlineosity? There's potential here, I think...a whole new lexicon to help describe your shareable 1s and 0s and everyone's interactions with said bits.

I wonder because when I hit "Publish" on this, within an hour or so, twitterfeed will scrape this post from the RSS feed for this little corner (niche? crevice?) of the blogosphere, and put up an announcement on my very own (and ever-so-slightly more popular) Twitter feed. This will then be sucked from Twitter and broadcast to all my friends on Facebook via the twitter FB app. I'm sure there are more iterations of broadcasting things out to even more networks (if I were so inclined to use them), but to be honest, I'm kind of babystepping into this realm. How very ungeeky of me.