22 January 2006

New clicks and music!

Couple of quickies:  Added a link to my flickr stream (with images!  Pretty!)  You can also follow this link to go to this site.  If you’re a friend or family member, email me (link anonymized – add the appropriate symbols post-clickage) and I’ll send you an invite to the super-secret backroom photos.

Also, I’m on a TMBG kick lately, recalling the halcyon days of my youth…or, you know, some of them at least.  They’ve got almost their entire catalog available for download at their e-commerce site for $0.99 a song, or about $9.99 an album.  Notable exceptions are “Flood” and “Apollo 18”.  Wonder if Elektra still holds the distribution rights to them.  Anyways, they’re good quality 256kbps MP3s (which is better quality than I usually rip at) and also have live recordings from every one of their stops on their last tour!  So, yeah!

Photos and phunny.  I mean funny.


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