27 November 2005

Writings on Musings on Writings

So you know how your mind wanders around and around when you have absolutely nothing to do – like, say, you’re sitting on a jumpseat in the back of a Blackhawk, flitting around the night sky of Northern Iraq and just watching the little islands of light skim by below you.  Well, my mind was apparently flitting along with it, and it flitted back to my occasional attempts at writing.  Do I really have what it takes to write something serious, something possibly salable, or that people would at least enjoy?  It’s really about finding the time, and having the motivation to get something down on paper – or digits in this case.  The former I seem to have plenty of these days, the latter may take a little work.  It’s not as if there’s a lack of inspiration out there.  Neal Stephenson, William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, David Eddings, Cory Doctorow, all      have really gotten my gears going in one form or another.

Of course, that may bring me one step closer to taking over The Daily Show from Jon Stewart.  I can see it all now…

/fluffly clouds and wavy lines/

Wow, that was a fun dream sequence!

I once heard somewhere that the hardest part about writing is deciding what to write.  I think that the level of difficulty in choosing a topic is daunting, but is a relatively insignificant portion of the overall problem.  So is his to be the great American Novel?  Should I write my experiences of war (or lack there of)?  Write the fantasy novel that’s been lurking in the background for years?  A new-wave stab at the near-future?  Or something totally different…hmmm…


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