14 September 2004


While they are, apparently, the other-other white meat, I was mildly surprised (meaning, it jogged a memory of this event being noted before) to learn that one-half of the dynamic duo at Penny Arcade was the proud father of a brand spanking-new boy (appropriately enough named for his dad's alter-ego). Being a future father (one would hope) myself, I was delighted by the photos being tossed up for perusal, especially the one showing young Gabe in a jumper which states quite plainly: "I can't read". The amusement this garnered from me quickly drew an arched eyebrow from the lovely wife (who, for reasons nigh inexplicable, is looking for various bits of Sigmund Freudery).

Even more to my delight was the appearance of another photo on PvP, showing the kid clutching a Skull the Troll doll, very similar to the one which will be in my possession in the near future, I'm sure.

So anyways, congratulations to the Krahulik family.

And where's my Troll, Kurtz?



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