01 December 2005

Boing Boing: No Xmas for Sony protest badge

Anyone who's been keeping up on music or tech news (and beyond) should know about Sony/BMG's questionable use of faulty DRM software on certain CDs in their catalog, and the resulting gaping security holes it left in users' computers. But the movement blogged by boingboing seems like a bit of overkill.

People don't seem to realize that "Sony" is not a monolithic entity with the corporate head having complete control over its multitudinous arms, like some hideous cephalopodic Kraken. In reality, elements like SCE, Sony/BMG, the Vaio line, Sony-Ericcson, etc. operate largely independent from each other, with one division rarely feeding in monetarily or mentally into the other. I'm all for a boycott from Sony/BMG due to their legal and technological missteps which have shown a disdain for their means of income, the consumer. But a boycott of the Sony brand as a whole is going to have little to no effect, and is a largely reactionary tactic which will be hard to sell to the masses at best, and marginalize the intent at worst.

Reading of the Sony Rookit Roundups (Part I, Part II, & Part III) is recommended.


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