11 January 2006


Some links worth following, in my estimation:

  • Tell your congressman to block Judge Alito’s nomination – Our country deserves better

  • Feeling guilty about driving a tank to work?  Help clean the air, get a Terrapass for your particle mode of vehicular pollution.  The purchase price goes to help fund clean-air energy technologies and reduce the overall amount of carbon emissions nation-wide.

  • Rants, raves, and more importantly good information on the progressive movement in American politics:  Daily Kos

  • On the materialistic tip:  Amazon’s got the wishlist game down to a science these days.  But TheThingsIWant let’s you make a wishlist from any item you find on any webpage in a couple of clicks.  Create a wishlist for yourself, or an “I gotta get that for them!” list for your friends and family.

That’s all for now…laters…


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