20 October 2004

The Bestest ever!

Soon it will be mine. The Inspiron XPS. Oh yes. Thanks largely to Techbargains for letting out on a $750 off coupon for the fine products at Dell. But even largelier to my lovely and understanding wife who blessed off on this wondrous purchase in exchange for a simple dish of sweet potatoes and marshmallows. Yes, that's right, marshmallows, those fluffiest of goodies. Is there nothing those little darlings can't accomplish when they put their frothy, pneumatically induced minds to it?

I don't think so.


Anger, Fear, Hatred

Yes. I am a Star Wars fan. But that's okay, I've come to accept it.

(The force is strong in this one!)

But what's really cheesing me right now is peoples apparent inability to multi-task on certain projects, then stacking up said projects as close together as possible making their execution a trial in patience, willpower, and resourcefulness. When everything is last minute, nerves have a tendency to get frayed, etc. etc. etc.

But instead it's last-minute throw shit together, leaving gaps here and there.

Oh well.

10 days to go.